Online Genealogy Resources

Comprehensive Sites:

    Online Genealogy Resources by QR Scanner - Tips and info on how to start your genealogy search, as well as links to external research sites - special thanks to Mrs. McVey's 5th grade class for submitting this!
    Genealogy Resources by VeritasPrep Information on how to begin your quest and what type of data to gather and links to external research sites - special thanks to Mrs. Bloomdale's Genealogy Club kids in Tennessee for this link! - Excellent searchable site for locating other resources on the web, including libraries, historical sites, primary records, etc. - Sister site to Gensite above; searchable web directory in all areas of genealogy; good place to start. - Most services by subscription; the "learning center" is especially valuable for new researchers.
    GoTo Family Tree - Commercial site listing resources for purchase; this includes software, print guides, retrieval services, and internet resources. - the Family History Library's database, which contains millions of names; a project of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Gen Web Projects:

    US GenWeb Project - Group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States; non-commercial and fully committed to free access for everyone
    The UKGenWeb - Part of the World GenWeb project; provides query boards, resource assistance for searches in the United Kingdom.
    WorldGenWeb - Free world-wide research assistance from volunteer professional genealogists.

National Sites:

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