Genealogy researchers and contributors:

The individuals listed here have aided this project over the last 20 years, my thanks go out to them.

Shirley Watkins, California
Christine Kinyon - Idaho
Steven Ball - Hawaii
Leslie Falor - Dallas, Texas
Margaret Sgritta
Robin Kishbaugh
Allen and Marlene Falor - Dallas, Texas
Renee Robinson
Irene Kanouff, Dennison, Ohio
Deuhl Falor, Aransas Pass, Texas
Ralph Falor - Arcata, California
Jerry Viers - Swan, Ohio
Harry Liggett - Akron, Ohio
Teri Falor (nee Laing), Vancouver, Washington
Derrek and Camille Falor (nee Beatty), Cleveland, Ohio
Janice Kelly, Ohio
Dani Lundy, Florida
Breanna Falor, Spokane, Washington
Allyson Falor, Gainesville, Florida

Harry M. Ball's research into the history of the Falor/Fehler family during the 1970's and 1980's provides the framework for this project.