Sienna Lawrence

ChartsAll known Tirant's
FatherSimon Lawrence
MotherLisa Goddard
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Simon Lawrence

Marriage*Lisa Goddard 
ChartsAll known Tirant's

Children of Simon Lawrence and Lisa Goddard

Children 1.Harlen Lawrence
 2.Sienna Lawrence
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Harry Lee1

Marriage*Myra Irene Colette Bossy1 
ChartsAll known Bossy's

Child of Harry Lee and Myra Irene Colette Bossy

Child 1.Louise Colette Lee1


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Louise Colette Lee1

ChartsAll known Bossy's
FatherHarry Lee1
MotherMyra Irene Colette Bossy1


  1. [S126] Shirley Watkins, "Shirley Watkins Ancestry Emails," e-mail to Kenneth Falor, 4/17/2019.
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Nancy Lee1

F, (19 February 1825 - 23 June 1898)
Birth*19 February 1825OH, USA1 
Marriage*after 1870Samuel Willey; Fulton County, OH, USA1 
Death*23 June 1898Wauseon, Fulton County, OH, USA1 
Married Nameafter 1870Willey1 
ChartsAll known Willey's

Family: Nancy Lee and Samuel Willey


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Jean Lefeuvre


Child of Jean Lefeuvre

Child 1.Aude Lefeuvre+
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Rafael Guerra Lemus1

Marriage*Isabel Sandoval Folgar1 

Child of Rafael Guerra Lemus and Isabel Sandoval Folgar

Child 1.Bertila Guerra Sandoval+1


  1. [S110] Interview, Luis Cordova, 2/2/2013.
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Dale Leonard1

Marriage*Wilma Falor1 
ChartsFehler - Falor descendancy chart with all known descendants.
Abraham Falor's descendancy chart with all known descendants.
John Adam Fehler's descendancy chart with all known descendants.

Family: Dale Leonard and Wilma Falor


  1. [S7] Harry M. Ball, "Harry Ball's research", Includes an extensive collection of research papers, newspaper articles and hundreds of family documents complied during his research in the 1970's. A scan of his book can be downloaded from
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Balthazar Leutzinger1

M, (31 January 1841 - 8 June 1900)
Birth*31 January 1841Netstal, Glarus County, Switzerland2 
Marriage*1868Martha E. Brown; Wheeling, Marion County, IA, USA2 
Death*8 June 1900Marion County, IA, USA2 
(Witness) HistoryB. Leutzinger, Obituary

In the death of Mr B. Leutzinger, Dallas Center has lost one of its most reliable businessmen. After long years of business life in our midst, he died with the respect of all with not a single enemy to say ill of his name. Mr. Leutzinger was born in Netstal, Glarus County, Switzerland Jan 31, 1841 and died June 8, 1900. Consequently at the time of his death he was aged 59 years, 4 months and 8 days. He came to America in 1865 and settled in Marion county, Iowa. In 1868 he married Martha E. Brown at Wheeling in Marion County. Of this union there were born three daughters and four sons, all of whom were home to cheer and care for their father in his last sickness.

While he resided in Marion county, Mr Leutzinger was engaged in the boot and shoe business in partnership with his brother Rudolph (ie text says Randolph). That harmonious and pleasant partnership of a score of years was terminated in 1888 by a fire which destroyed the store. Afterwards, in 1890 Mr. Leutzinger moved to Dallas Center and opened a shoe store on his own account in which enterprise he was engaged until his last illness.

Mr. Leutzinger was born in a Christian home. He was baptized in infancy and was brought up as a member of the German Reformed church. At the age of 16 he was confirmed in that church. He was a great lover of singing in which he was quite gifted, and he gave very efficient service to the churches in which he labored in this way. Many times during his last illness he assured his pastor and others of his conscious nearness with God. He knew, even before his friends would believe it that he was going to die. Five days before his death he settled all his worldly affairs and made distribution of his property. He then told his friends that he was ready and willing to go.

The funeral services were held Sunday morning. There was a brief service of prayer and song at his late home, and then the principal service in the Methodist church. The music was furnished by the members of the two choirs in churches in which Mr. Leutzinger had sung. Rev. Flora offered the prayer. The sermon was preached by the Rev. Morley, pastor of the Methodist church. He took for his text Rev. 14:13 "And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me. Write, blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth." The principal use made of the text was in regard to the present state of the one
whose body was being committed to the earth, and the comfort that this revelation brings to those that mourn.

At Masonic cemetery where the interment took place, the services were conducted by the Masonic order of which Mr. Leutzinger had been a member. The chief part was performed by J. A. Richmond. Thus on a beautiful and peaceful June Sabbath morning, with the storm of the preceding night all passed away, the body of our brother whose night and storm was also past, was tenderly laid away to its last long rest.

From: The New Times - Dallas Center, Iowa June 16, 1900

Child of Balthazar Leutzinger and Martha E. Brown

Child 1.Merlin Vance Leutzinger+ (21 Sep 1882 - 1966)


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