Margaret Noland1

F, (3 March 1818 - 9 August 1869)
Birth*3 March 1818VA, USA1 
Marriage*6 November 1836Samuel Willey; Mogadore, Portage County, OH, USA 
Death*9 August 1869Fulton County, OH, USA1 
Married Name6 November 1836Willey1 
Census*1840Lucas County, OH, USA1 
ChartsAll known Willey's

Children of Margaret Noland and Samuel Willey

Children 1.Elias Willey+1 (23 Feb 1840 - 7 Mar 1914)
 2.Almira Willey+1 (13 Jul 1850 - 1935)
 3.Didymus Willey+1 (1851 - 1911)


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William Earl Noling1

M, (23 September 1885 - 18 February 1913)
Birth*23 September 1885Canal, Dover County, OH, USA1 
Marriage*23 June 1909Edna Josephine Heintzelman; Summit County, OH, USA; Certificate #: 90631 
Death*18 February 1913Akron, Summit County, OH, USA1 
Family Tombstone*circa August 1913Edna Josephine Heintzelman; Massillon Cemetery, Massillon, Stark County, OH, USA1
ChartsFehler - Falor descendancy chart with all known descendants.
George Adam Falor's descendancy chart with all known descendants.
John Adam Fehler's descendancy chart with all known descendants.
All known Heintzelman's

Family: William Earl Noling and Edna Josephine Heintzelman


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Anna Nyswander

Marriage*Bartholomew Baters 

Child of Anna Nyswander and Bartholomew Baters

Child 1.William Peter Baters+ (11 Jul 1872 - 4 Jul 1947)
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Ruth O'Black1

Marriage*Aurelis Arthur Fermelia1 
ChartsAll known Fermelia's

Children of Ruth O'Black and Aurelis Arthur Fermelia

Children 1.Matthew Fermelia+1
 2.Richard Fermelia+1
 3.Susan Fermelia+1


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Margaret Jane O'Donovan

Marriage*Malcolm Philip Watts 
ChartsAll known Clements

Children of Margaret Jane O'Donovan and Malcolm Philip Watts

Children 1.James Michael Watts
 2.John David Watts
 3.Philip Rickard Watts
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Barbara Ohl1

Marriage*John Shook III 
(Witness) HistoryAfter her husband was killed by a falling try Barbara moved to Stark County, Ohio with her son David1 
FatherMichael Ohl1
MotherElizabeth Gucker1

Children of Barbara Ohl and John Shook III

Children 1.David Shook1
 2.Michael Shook+1 (21 Mar 1786 - 9 Oct 1825)


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Michael Ohl1

Marriage*Elizabeth Gucker1 

Child of Michael Ohl and Elizabeth Gucker

Child 1.Barbara Ohl+1


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